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This time a 2018 Triumph Street Triple 765RS got parted out. It had 3K on it only and most parts made it without any damage. It had the Ohlins rear shock and the RS forks. The SC-Project S1 exhaust had a bit damage at the carbon fiber rear tip. What a shape. But it still sounds awesome and its so light its hard to believe. Checkout all part availabe Here  

 2018 Triumph Street Triple 765 RS Used Motorcycle Parts At Mototech271






We go our hand on another speed triple that we tore down into pieces. This one was a 2020 Triumph Speed Triple 1050 RS. Bummer that the front forks were bent. Since those are the Ohlins forks. The rear Ohlins TTX shock is in good shape though. It also came with under seat Arrow exhaust pipe slip ons. not shown in the pic below but you find them when you go on our webstore We decided to part out the engine on this bike because we could not start it. The speedometer was broken and we couldnt get the acutal mileage either. After parting out the motor and inspecting the parts we found out that it must have been a real low mileage bike because all parts show almost no wear and are in real nice shape. Check out what we got. Click Here to find all the parts that we have left in stock

2020 Triumph Speed Triple 1050 RS Used Motorcycle Parts At Mototech271






We parted out a real good looking 2015 Triumph 1050 Speed Triple R. The bike was almost not damaged and we salvaged a lot of very nice and hard to find parts. Especially in this condition. Its the version that came with the Ohlins front forks and rear damper. Engine had very low mileage on it. Only 6K. Its ready to mount and use. No bid service needed. Just fresh oil and filters and youre good to go.

To find all parts we have left of it checkout  This Link 

2015 Triumph 1050 Speed Triple R Used Motorcycle Parts At Mototech271

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