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Looking for quality used parts for a 2018 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse? Look no further! At Mototech271, we recently dismantled a 2018 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse with just 29,858 miles on the odometer. Each part has been meticulously inspected and tested to ensure top-notch performance. We take pride in providing only the best, avoiding any damaged or unusable parts. Discover the perfect part for your motorcycle here. Shop with confidence at Mototech271!






We are proud to provide very nice parts off of this 2001 Indian Centennial Scout. It had 3k on it only and a lot of great parts on it. Both tanks are oem cream paint with no dents and no damage. S&S 88ci engine ran great without problems and the transmission shifted good through all gears as well. Electronics worked fine. Lights in very good shape. All those are rare parts that are hard to find. I hope there is still the part left that you need when you read this and its not too late already.Click Here  to find out

2001 Indian Centennial Scout Used Motorcycle Parts At Mototech271






Our first FTR1200 made it on the buthers table. A 2019 model with 15K on it. It ran great without any issues. Not many parts were damaged. It had a S&S exhaust slip on muffler mounted and the straight mid pipe that deletes the big exhaust chamber. All parts are listed now. Click Here and you see them all

2019 Indian Motorcycle Co. FTR1200 Used Motorcycle Parts At Mototech271






Last week we parted out a 2016 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse . Bummer is that we couldnt start it because the didnt make it to us with the bike. But we got the mileage. Only 13K. We still decided to part out the engine as well. All parts are real nice and show very little wear. The bike had some damage from an accident but not real bad. Means a lot of parts made it just find and can no be found ! HERE !

2016 Indian Chieftain Dark Horse Used Motorcycle Parts At Mototech271 1

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