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This was one of a kind. A 2016 Suzuki 750 Gixxer made into a stunt bike. It had all the good stuff mounted to it. A modified fuel tank by Graveyard Customs. They dont offer these modification anymore. It had the nice Anarchy subframe. A 3 caliper rear brake setup. And modified Werkes USA exhaust system and Cognito Moto upper triple tree plus handlebar risers. All you need for a stunt bike conversion of this kind you can get in our online store now   Click Here  to see everything we have left of it

 2016 Suzuki GSX-R750 Gixxer Motorcycle Parts At Mototech271






Its been a while we had a M109R on the table. Here it is. A 2007 Suzuki M109R VZR1800 Boulevard we parted out. The bike ran great without problems. Was slightly wrecked. Not many parts got damaged badly. Even frame is still straight. The parts off of those M109R Boulevards fit many year models. We hope you find what you need and that its not sold by the time you find the parts. Everything thats left off of it you find here:

2007 Suzuki M109R VZR1800 Boulevard Used Motorcycle Parts At Mototech271


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